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  • Virtual Reality: What Programmers Need to Know Now to Lure Viewers and Advertisers

    Will VR play an important role in the future of TV? More and more people seem to think so. Google Cardboard is inexpensive and widely used, with new content being added by the day. This November, the Samsung Gear VR headset hits stores, just in time to stuff your stockings. Next year, Oculus, Sony, and [...]
  • How to Train and Retain the Next Generation of Employees

    They’re enthusiastic and entrepreneurial, fast learners with fresh ideas. But Gen Y (age 21-32) and Gen Z (age 16-20) have a new attitude toward the workplace, and recruiting the best candidates – and keeping them – requires a major shift in management style. Join us on Thursday, December 10 for our latest Cynopsis Jobs webinar, [...]

On Demand Webinars

  • Cynopsis Webinar: How to Solve the Ad Blocking Problem

    Call it the “Attack of the ad blockers.” You know what we’re talking about: display and search ads are hidden. Video ads, whether running on YouTube or an OTT network, simply won’t play. And that means people lose revenue: A PageFair/Adobe study estimated a 21.8 billion dollar loss in global revenue due to blocked advertising [...]
  • How to Leverage Influencers on Social Media

    With consumers reporting they trust word-of-mouth over direct brand messaging, aligning with trusted social media influencers is a crucial component in any marketing strategy. The Cynopsis Webinar, “How to Leverage Influencers on Social Media,” will show you how to identify and reach influencers who can share your content and increase engagement. Influencers are the new [...]
  • Beyond Viral Addiction: Building a Loyal Community for Your Products

    You can’t build a team with just one player, and in an increasingly-crowded fight for attention spans, one viral video does not make a sustainable marketing campaign. Cynopsis Sports in partnership with our friends at  Whistle Sports offer our latest webinar, “Beyond Viral Addiction: Building a Loyal Community for Your Products”, on Wednesday, October 14. [...]
  • Cynopsis Social Media Webinar: Harnessing the Power of Periscope

    Live-broadcasting app Periscope has taken the social media world by storm, boasting 10 million users and 40 years of watch time per day. It’s an ingenious, inexpensive marketing tool that engages viewers in a way that “lean-back” linear just can’t – but also has businesses apprehensive about piracy. What do people want from Periscope, and [...]
  • Viewability Solutions: How to Get Seen and Lift Digital Revenue

    Houston, we have a problem…a major viewability problem. Only 44% of digital display ads were viewable during 2Q15, down from 49.4% in the year-ago period, according to Integral Ad Science’s latest media quality report. “The industry has been slow to improve viewability rates despite increasing pressure from advertisers,” notes the study. So how do advertisers and marketers improve their [...]
  • Transforming Your Career: Moving from Linear TV to New Media

    Do you work at a traditional network but want to move to a digital publishing position? Or perhaps migrate to a job at a digital platform? We have assembled a panel of top-level executives and hiring managers who will provide insight into how to develop the most effect strategy in order to make a smart, successful [...]
  • The New Secrets of Successful Apps for Kids

    The children’s app market shows no signs of slowing as a mecca for established studios and newcomers alike, with the sector grabbing an increasing slice of the total mobile app market that’s projected to reach $98 billion by 2018, according to ABI Research. But like any commercial fast lane, it’s also rife with potholes and fender benders. The [...]
  • On Demand: How to Use Snapchat to Reach and Deepen Your Audience

    Snapchat is the social media tool of the moment, and it’s a powerful one that you need to know how to use. The speedy evolution of Snapchat from a “Poof, you’re gone” messaging platform to a genuine content provider has brands of every stripe thinking about how this form of social media can help reach the [...]
  • Who’s Counting? TV Measurement vs. Your True Total Audience

    $325 per site – invite your team! For questions, please contact Trish Pihonak (trish@cynopsis.com). It’s 10pm – do you know where your viewers are? Exactly what is being measured as a rating by Nielsen and what is left unmeasured is a burning question in the television industry right now, as [...]
  • Surviving Disruption: The Latest Strategies for Monetizing OTT

    Thursday, May 28, 2015 – 1:30PM to 3:00PM $325 per site – invite your team! For questions, please contact Trish Pihonak (trish@cynopsis.com). With the television ecosystem evolving at a rapid-fire pace, networks, advertisers and pay-TV providers are racing to catch up – or risk being left behind as OTT captures [...]

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