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#1 Scripted Series for Teens on ALL of TV
“Desperate Housewives, the early years with awesome sauce”
from Winnie Holzman, the creator of My So Called Life & the writer of Wicked
Source: The Nielsen Company. Click here for full source data.


Good morning. It’s Wednesday, May 5, 2010, and this is your first early morning briefing. Happy Cinco de Mayo!  As always, if you prefer to watch this morning’s news instead of reading it, click here .

Tonight’s Premieres:
DIY Network: Money Hunters at 830p; Sweat Equity at 9p; 10 Grand in Your Hand at 930p
Discovery Channel: Worst-Case Scenario at 10p
TV Land: How’d You Get So Rich? at 10p

Tonight’s Finale:
The CW: Fly Girls at 9p


Joan Rivers is back to ask more bazillionaires…
How’d You Get So Rich?
More crazy stories about the insanely wealthy.
It’s all about how they got it and how they spend it.
Can we gawk?

How’d You Get So Rich?
Hosted by Joan Rivers.
New season. New stories. New money.
Premieres Tonight at 10/9c on TV Land.


NBC announced yesterday, it has tagged Jimmy Fallon as host for the 62nd Primetime Emmy Awards, airing August 29 at 8p. This marks Fallon’s first major hosting gig.

This month, Military Channel salutes all who serve in the various branches of the US Armed Forces with Military Appreciation Month. Also in May, the network premieres the new series Toughest Military Jobs, uncovering the most dangerous and complex jobs on land, in the air, at sea and on military bases worldwide. Specific episodes target one unique area of the military and the tasks involved to keep soldiers safe. The series opens May 13 at 9p.

Animal Planet opens a third season of Whale Wars starting June 4 at 9p. Twelve new episodes follow the Sea Shepherds’ Whale Defense Campaign whose mission it is to stop illegal whaling operations in the Antarctic. The Lizard Trading Company produces the series for Animal Planet.

In other Animal Planet news, the network premieres the new original series Last American Cowboy on June 7 at 10p. The series follows three ranch families in Montana as they struggle to preserve their livelihoods and this American tradition. The three families all approach ranching in different ways: the Hughes family operates the smallest ranch featured on the show while the Galt Ranch is one of the largest in the state and the Stuckys choose to be the most traditional with hopes of passing their ranch to future generations. The series is sponsored by Physicians Mutual and is produced for Animal Planet by BASE Productions.

In its newest original comedy game show, GSN combines puppets from Henson Alternative as they face off against human contestants in the premiere of Late Night Liars on June 10 at 11p. Actor/comedian Larry Miller will host the game show where the human contestants go up against five “celebrity” puppets that are half drunk and tell half-truths. In order to win cash and prizes, the humans must try to guess what is fact from fiction.

Bravo brings back a sixth edition of Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D List beginning June 15 at 9p. Picture This Television produces the series for Bravo. The network precedes this series debut with their eighth stand-up special featuring Griffin on June 8 at 10p with Kathy Griffin Does the Bible Belt. The one-hour special is shot at the Tennessee Theatre in Knoxville produced by Rickmill Productions for Bravo.

BBC America launches the BAFTA-award winning series The Choir featuring choirmaster Gareth Malone as he pieces together a choir by recruiting singers from diverse walks of life with little or no musical backgrounds. The Choir, where Malone inspires people to unite and sing, debuts July 7 at 10p.

Today, Music Choice through its Music Choice On Demand Watch it Now section at opens the original show Certified. This monthly interactive music program highlights celebrity guests and panelists as they discuss a particular topic or artist dominating a specific category. Today’s topic is about Hip-Hop and R&B. Also opening this month, Music Choice serves up Speaking Of . . . on May 17, a free monthly show hosted by Amanda Diva and featuring pop culture news and such segments as Tweedley Tweedley Tweets, Trendspotters and New Rookie Smell and more. 

The Style Network’s two-hour third season finale of Ruby last Sunday at 8p delivered a 0.48 rating among W18-49 and attracted 402,000 total viewers. Ruby’s third season overall averaged 403,000 total viewers.

Also on Sunday, Adult Swim premiered the third season of The Boondocks at 1130p, delivering 2.55 million total viewers along with all-time series best ratings with a 1.39 among A18-49; a 2.18 rating with A18-34; and a 3.45 rating with A18-24.

Monday’s sophomore season premiere of The Real Housewives of New Jersey on Bravo pivoted the network to delivering the highest-rated Monday night telecast in the network’s history. The opening episode tallied 1.64 million A18-49 viewers and 2.33 million total viewers, an increase of 30% and 36% respectively compared to the season one launch episode.

Broadcast Evening News Weekly Average Ratings (week of April 26, 2010)
NBC: 7.71 million total viewers; 1.8/8 and 2.21 million A25-54
ABC: 7.13 million total viewers; 1.6/7 and 2.03 million A25-54
CBS: 5.28 million total viewers; 1.3/6 and 1.64 million A25-54
Source: Nielsen, NTI


HISTORY, one of the top 10 networks among A25-54 in 2009, revealed its new original series slate for the 2010-2011 season.

Approved new series include:

  • Around the World in 80 Ways (wt) – All forms of transportation will be featured as the two adventurous hosts battle each other in this globe-trekking race. The two rivals must use 80 completely different transportation means throughout the race. Ten episodes produced by Original Productions; premieres 2Q 2011.
  • Brad Meltzer’s Decoded – Author Brad Meltzer offers up theories based on hidden codes and symbols found in our daily lives. Ten episodes produced by Go-Go Luckey and Berman/Braun; premieres 4Q 2010.
  • Chasing Mummies – World-famous archeologist Dr. Zahi Hawass leads 250 digs throughout Egypt and cameras will be there to catch what he and his team discovers. Ten episodes produced by BoutiqueTV; premieres 3Q 2010.
  • Stan Lee’s Superhumans – Co-hosted by Stan Lee and Daniel Browning Smith, this series travels the globe in search of extraordinary humans who embody in real life Lee’s fictional, fantastic characters. Eight episodes produced by Off the Fence, premieres 3Q 2010.
  • Swamp People – The network goes inside our nation’s largest swamp in Louisiana to discover the Cajun people living there who are fierce about preserving their way of life. Ten episodes produced by Original Media; premieres 3Q 2010.
  • Vigilante Inspector – Series follows engineer Timothy Galarnick and his partner Chad Houseknecht as they inspect our nation’s decaying infrastructure from bridges and levees to highways. Ten episodes produced by Original Productions; premieres 4Q 2010.

Previously-announced new series on HISTORY include:

  • Top Shot – Ten episodes premiere June 6 at 10p from Pilgrim Films & Television.
  • Top Gear – Ten episodes are a co-production between HISTORY and BBC Worldwide opening 4Q 2010.
  • Only in America with Larry the Cable Guy – Ten episodes produced by Pilgrim Films & Television and Parallel Entertainment; premieres 4Q 2010.
  • The Kennedys – HISTORY’s first scripted project, this eight-hour miniseries will debut in 2011 and is produced by Muse Entertainment in association with Asylum Entertainment.

HISTORY will return six series including American Pickers, Ax Men, Ice Road Truckers, Modern Marvels, Pawn Stars and The Universe.







Source: Nielsen Company. Click here for full source data.


Spike TV introduces a development slate combining non-scripted and scripted pilots and projects, all honing in on the network’s male-centric target. Non-scripted pilots include:

  • Weapon X (wt) – Hour-long series from Thom Beers’ Original Productions where a team of experts led by Richard “Mack” Machowitz, a 10-year veteran of the US Navy SEALS, asks the question: could some of history’s military battles have had different outcomes if the losers had built a “Weapon X?” Recreated battles include the Alamo, Gettysburg, Okinawa and more.
  • On the Rocks (wt) – Docu-series follows restaurant and bar consultant, John Taffer as he offers failing businesses another chance to gain positive results. Produced by 3 Ball Productions.
  • Alternative History (wt) – Series explores the “what if?” regarding major historical events such as “what if Hitler and the Nazis won WWII?” to “what if JFK had not been assassinated?” From Flight 33 Productions.
  • Phowned! (wt) – Series perfects the gag phone call using a team of “Phowned!” callers from the “Elvis Duran Morning Show,” heard on one of NYC’s top-rated radio stations and nationally via syndication. Produced by Atlas Media Corp. in association with Elvis Duran Group.
  • Haunted Civilization (wt) – Series takes a new look at paranormal investigation by examining some of history’s deadliest locations. From Half Yard Productions.

Spike TV’s scripted projects include:

  • Rebel League – Comedic take on the modern-day launch of a pro hockey league created to rival the NHL, giving fans more scoring, more fighting and more attitude. Produced by Denis Leary and Jim Serpico’s Apostle Pictures and Sony Pictures Television and based on the book, The Rebel League by Ed Wiles.
  • Kings By Night – Three pals open an illegal casino to counter their boring lives and jobs in order to date hot women, make money and be top dogs again like they were in college. Produced by Fremantle.
  • Fort Bush – Two odd-ball US Army drill sergeants attempt to keep up their hard-partying ways even though they are now under an uptight new captain who holds grudges.

Spike TV has two previously-announced original scripted comedy pilots on the docket:

  • Back Nine – John Schneider stars as Ronnie Barnes, a hard-drinking, washed up former US Open golf champ who is trying to make a comeback. Carmen Electra also stars.
  • Playing With Guns – Danny Masterson and Joey Kern star as childhood friends who as adults are both small town cops. From Varsity Pictures’ Brian Robbins and Sharla Sumpter Bridgett and Lionsgate.

John Lithgow returns to Turner Classic Movies for a second year as host of the network’s Essentials Jr. summer movie showcase featuring 13 films for kids. The weekly series begins June 6 with the 1958 classic Old Yeller.

Telemundo and Spanish broadcaster Antena 3 made a deal for the exclusive distribution rights in Spain for the telenovela La Reina del Sur. Telemundo will produce and distribute the telenovela with production starting this summer in Colombia, Mexico and Spain. A total of 70 episodes will be produced. Antena 3 will gain the exclusive distribution rights for a special 13-episode version of the telenovela for Spain. La Reina del Sur is about Teresa Mendoza, a Mexican woman who becomes the top drug trafficker in Spain. Kate Del Castillo has been cast as Teresa.


More Men. More Media Muscle.

HISTORY is the Real Deal, The Ratings Momentum Continues!

+70% A18-34; +59% A18-49; +59% A25-54
+64% M18-34; +50% M18-49; +51% M25-54

Men Make a habit out of HISTORY every day. Tune in and find out why.

Source: The Nielsen Company, L+SD; Prime (M-Su/8-11p); Based on AA (000); % Growth = 2Q10TD (3/29-5/2/10) vs. 2Q09TD (3/30-5/3/09).


Top Ten Basic Cable Ad Supported Network Rankings among A18-49 for the week of: 4/26-5/2/10
Primetime      (000)         Total Pgm Day      (000)
TNT                1726         TNT                         812
USA               1152         ADSM*                     682
TBSC               903         NAN*                       644
HIST               772          USA                         587
FX                   682         NICK                        582
DISC               626         TBSC                        497
ESPN               609         ESPN                        436
AEN                 573         HIST                        398
CMDY              570         FX                            382
VS                   565        DISC                         353
Source: Turner Research from Nielsen Media Research Data. All ratings based on Total U.S. Television Universe of 114,900,000 homes
* = Network broadcasts less than 51% of minutes in a 24 hour day. Primetime listing only includes those networks broadcasting more than 51% of the primetime hours (M-Su 8p-11p)

Top Ten Basic Cable Ad Supported Network Rankings among Total Viewers for the week of: 4/26-5/2/10       
Primetime       (000)       Total Pgm Day                (000)
TNT                3297       NICK                             2154
USA                3126       NAN*                            1625
NAN                1918       TNT                              1559
HIST               1718       USA                              1421
FOXN              1688       ADSM*                          1119
TBSC              1501       FOXN                            1035
TOON             1398       TOON                            1030
ESPN              1294       HIST                               805
DISC              1260       TBSC                               799
FX                  1225       ESPN                               734
Source: Turner Research from Nielsen Media Research Data.
All ratings based on Total U.S. Television Universe of 114,900,000 homes
* = Network broadcasts less than 51% of minutes in a 24 hour day. Primetime listing only includes those networks
broadcasting more than 51% of the primetime hours (M-Su 8p-11p)

Top 10 Cable Programs among A18-49 (000) for the week of: 4/26-5/2/10
TNT       Thunder/Lakers                                                 2924
TNT       Celtics/Cavaliers                                                2870
ESPN     Lakers/Thunder                                                 2717
CMDY    South Park                                                        2691
USA      WWE Entertainment 10p                                     2539
USA      WWE Entertainment 9p                                       2461
TNT       Bulls/Cavaliers                                                  2247
MTV      The Hills                                                            2169
HIST     Pawn Stars                                                        2079
DISC     Deadliest Catch                                                 2048
Source: Turner Research from Nielsen Media Research Data.
All ratings based on Total U.S. Television
Universe of 114,900,000 homes

Top 10 Broadcast Programs among A18-49 rating/share and (000) for the week of 4/26-5/2/10
FOX    American Idol  Tuesday                             6.9/20      9029
FOX    American Idol  Wednesday                         6.7/18      8851
FOX    Glee                                                           5.2/13     6778
ABC    Dancing with the Stars                                4.4/12      5808
FOX    House                                                        4.2/12      5579
ABC    Modern Family                                            4.2/12      5561
CBS    Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains                         4.1/13     5358
ABC    Desperate Housewives                                 3.8/10     4945
ABC    Grey’s Anatomy                                           3.8/11     5028
CBS    The Big Bang Theory                                    3.6/9      4766
NBC    The Office                                                   3.6/11     4779
Source: Nielsen Media Research, Galaxy Explorer, Live + SD Data

Saturday A18-49 Analysis: FOX raced to the finish line Saturday night, winning with a 2.1/8 among A18-49, according to final national ratings from Nielsen. FOX won throughout primetime with its NASCAR Sprint Cup: Live from Richmond starting with a 1.9/7 at 8p followed by ABC’s movie at 1.2/4. FOX’s race was #1 at 9p with a 2.0/7 with ABC’s movie trailing in second again at 1.4/5. FOX finished its three-hour NASCAR Sprint Cup race with a 2.3/8 during 10p while NBC’s Law & Order: SVU repeat came next at 1.3/4.

Live + Same Day Household Ratings: Saturday, May 1, 2010 time period averages. Source: NTI Galaxy, as dated. Live+SD

FOX: 3.7/7            FOX NASCAR Sprint Cup: Live from Richmond 3.7/7

CBS: 3.2/6              Crimetime Saturday [r] 2.6/5, Crimetime Saturday [r] 3.3/6, 48 Hours Mystery 3.7/7

ABC: 2.8/5             ABC Saturday Movie of the Week: Meet the Fockers [r] 2.7/5, Castle [r] 3.0/6

NBC: 2.6/5             Parenthood [r] 1.6/3, Law and Order [r] 2.9/5, Law & Order: SVU [r] 3.4/6

UNIV: 1.1/2           Sabado Gigante 1.1/2

ION: 0.5/1            Saturday 7PM Movie: Dave [r] 0.5/1, Ghost Whisperer 0.4/1, Ghost Whisperer 0.5/1

TELE: 0.4/1           Cine de Impact: King Kong 0.4/1

A18-49: FOX 2.1/8, ABC 1.2/4, NBC 1.0/4, CBS 0.9/3, UNIV 0.7/2, TELE 0.3/1, ION 0.2/1

Sunday  A18-49 Analysis: ABC was the top network Sunday night among A18-49 at 2.6/8, according to final national ratings from Nielsen. CBS was #1 at 7p with 60 Minutes at 2.2/8 with ABC’s Funniest Home Videos at #2 with 1.7/6. CBS won again through 8p with The Amazing Race at 3.0/9 followed by FOX’s The Simpsons and The Cleveland Show averaging a 2.6/7. ABC took over at 9p with Desperate Housewives winning with a 3.8/10 while the hour-long Family Guy on FOX delivered a 3.5/9. At 10p, NBC’s Celebrity Apprentice won with a 2.7/7 and ABC’s Brothers & Sisters came after with a 2.4/7.

Live + Same Day Household Ratings: Sunday, May 2, 2010 time period averages. Source: NTI Galaxy, as dated. Live+SD.

CBS: 6.8/11       60 Minutes 8.6/16, The Amazing Race 6.0/10, Cold Case 6.0/9, Cold Case 6.4/11

ABC: 5.6/9          America’s Funniest Home Videos 3.8/7, Extreme Makeover: Home Edition 5.2/9, Desperate Housewives 7.6/12, Brothers & Sisters 5.6/10

NBC: 3.8/6          Dateline 3.4/6, Minute To Win It 3.2/5, The Celebrity Apprentice 4.3/7

FOX: 3.0/5           ‘Til Death 1.2/2, The Simpsons [r] 1.5/3, The Simpsons 3.4/6, The Cleveland Show 3.4/5, Family Guy 4.3/7

UNIV: 1.3/2         Nuestra Belleza 1.6/3, Futbol Liga Mexicana: America vs Toluca 1.2/2

ION: 0.6/1          Sunday Night Movie: Die Hard with a Vengeance [r] 0.6/1

TELE: 0.5/1        Idolos de Mexico II: Sinverguenza, El 0.4/1, Idolos de Mexico III: Hijo del Pueblo, El 0.6/1

A18-49: ABC 2.6/8, CBS 2.4/7, FOX 2.3/7, NBC 2.1/6, UNIV 1.0/3, TELE 0.4/1, ION 0.3/1

Monday  A18-49 Analysis: On a highly competitive night, FOX edged into #1 Monday at 3.4/9 A18-49, according to final national ratings from Nielsen. FOX’s House won by a skosh at 8p with 3.9/11 with ABC’s Dancing with the Stars just a quick-step behind at 3.8/11. CBS took the 9p hour with double The Big Bang Theory episodes averaging a 4.1/11 followed by ABC’s Dancing with the Stars and the comedy Romantically Challenged averaging a 3.5/9. CBS tallied another win during 10p as CSI: Miami posted a 2.7/7 with ABC’s Castle in second place with 2.5/7.

Live + Same Day Household Ratings: Monday, May 3, 2010 time period averages. Source: NTI Galaxy, as dated. Live+SD.

ABC: 9.7/16      Dancing with the Stars 12.5/20, Romantically Challenged 6.2/10, Castle 6.9/12

CBS: 5.9/10           How I Met Your Mother 4.7/8, Rules of Engagement 4.6/7, The Big Bang Theory 7.0/11, The Big Bang Theory [r] 6.4/10, CSI: Miami 6.3/11

FOX: 5.7/9            House 6.1/10, 24 5.3/8

NBC: 3.5/6           Chuck 3.2/5, Law and Order [r] 3.3/5, Law & Order 4.1/7

UNIV: 2.0/3          Hasta que el Dinero Nos Separe 2.3/4, Cristina 1.3/2

CW: 1.3/2            One Tree Hill 1.3/2, Gossip Girl 1.2/2

ION: 1.0/2           Criminal Minds 0.8/1, Criminal Minds 1.0/2, Criminal Minds 1.1/2

TELE: 0.6/1          El Con 0.6/1, Perro Amor 0.5/1, Donde Esta Elisa 0.8/1

A18-49: FOX 3.4/9, ABC 3.3/9, CBS 3.2/9, NBC 1.6/5, UNIV 1.6/5, CW 0.9/3, TELE 0.6/2, ION 0.4/1


Bill Koenigsberg, President/CEO and Founder of Horizon Media Inc. was tapped as Chairman of the 4A’s Media Policy Committee. Bill will also be elected to the 4A’s Board of Directors as a Director-at-Large in June.

Former Nielsen senior executives, Rich Gideon and Marie Jannone are partners in the establishment of the new advisory company, Atlas Advisory Partners, LLC offering a variety of services for the media industry involving audience measurement. Previously, Rich was SVP at The Nielsen Company in both the Local and National Television Client Service while Marie was Nielsen’s VP/Director of Business Management.

Tribune Broadcasting named Sean Compton as President/Programming, effective immediately. Most recently, Sean was Tribune Broadcasting’s SVP/Programming and Entertainment since 2008 and in his new capacity will supervise programming strategies for the company’s 23 TV stations, WGN America and WGN Radio in Chicago.

Continental Television Sales, a unit of Katz Television Group, upped Alexis Hoffman to Team Sales Manager for the Dallas Stars Team based at Continental’s Dallas office.

Josh Abrams takes on the new position as VP/Sales at Bleacher Report, a digital media sports property that publishes original and entertaining sports editorial content. Josh will oversee the company’s advertising sales based at their new offices in New York City.

Brunner, an independent, full-service advertising agency hired Gordon Robertson as VP/Group Creative Director. Gordon will manage creative on top accounts for the company including Bob Evans and GlaxoSmithKline. He reports to Jay Giesen, Executive Creative Director and will be located at the agency’s Pittsburgh office.

This day in History:  1891 – Music Hall was dedicated in New York City. It was later renamed Carnegie Hall

Answer to Yesterday’s Trivia Question:  Columbo said “Just one more thing …”; Kojak said “who loves you baby?” … what did Baretta say?  DON’T DO THE CRIME IF YOU CAN’T DO THE TIME and THAT’S THE NAME OF THAT TUNE!  Kudos to:  Marc Grayson/NY; Tony Caravello-ABC TV/NY; Jeremy Gardiner-RDF USA/ET; Jeanette Hektoen-JH Media & Marketing/NY; Rick Clifford-R&R Television Prods/Westwood; Robb Gray Jr.-Apex Media/Scottsdale; John Bain-KLJB KGCW/Davenport; Judy Margolis-The Ad Place/Dallas; Paul Walker-Broyles & Walker/Dallas; Steven Wishnoff/LA; Michelle Furnace-2G Digital Post/Burbank; Shelton
Today’s Trivia Question:  Ruled by Queen Lotay, these creatures have four arms and try to lure humans to their planet in homes of eating them.  Who are these guys, and on what original series were they on?    (Email with your answer and be sure to include your name, company, city and time zone. Unofficial rules: Only the second four correct answers from each time zone will be mentioned; and once you’ve been mentioned in any of the Cynopsis editions, you can’t be mentioned again that calendar week.)


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SITUATION WANTED: PRIME TIME EMMY DOCUMENTARY. PRODUCER, DIRECTOR, WRITER in L.A. Credits: National Geo, PBS, Discovery, History CH, TLC and MSNBC. Contact email: (5/12)

SITUATION WANTED: PRODUCER/WRITER/DIRECTOR (NY) Ultra-creative, award winning, all formats, all genres, all major networks and major cable. Fast, frugal and fun! (5/12)

SITUATION WANTED: MEDIA SALES/MARKETING MANAGER/LA: 15+ years experience in educational, documentary, advertising media sales,product,biz development True Closer!!!!! (5/11)

SITUATION WANTED:  ACCOUNTING/FINANCE – 20+ yrs. experience in TV Broadcasting & Cable.   Seeking FT/PT or Temp-to-Perm position: (5/11)

SITUATION WANTED:  Dedicated & exp’d SR TRAFFIC COORD seeks a challenging new position.8 yrs media (6+ yrs traffic) & rec’d 4 NBC Ovation Awards for going above & beyond, as well as demonstrating excellence. (5/11)

SITUATION WANTED:  STRATEGIC/CREATIVE WRITER. Expert at getting to the heart of a brand + giving it a voice. Visit for FREE samples of my own brand + hire me to help you get heard. (5/11)

SITUATION WANTED:  U albany 2010 grad,Looking for a position within the media fields Programming, Media Buying, Sales, Rsrch. I am currently interning at MTV Networks(Spike TV). Held the mktg position in my sorority. (5/11)

SITUATION WANTED:  Hard working, organized PRODUCTION MANAGER(NY) with Field Producing and Post Supervisor experience seeks challenging new position. Past companies include HBO, MTV, A&E, Thirteen & Nat Geo. (5/11)

SITUATION WANTED:    CASTING/PROD ASST: Live TV/Daytime Prod Bgrd (People’s Choice, As the World Turns) Comm. & V/O casting exp. Great computer, communication & org skills. Fluent Spanish. FT in NY. TV position desired. (5/11)

SITUATION WANTED: MGR OF BROADCAST OPERATIONS/AD SALES TRAFFIC: Experience in Network start ups i.e YES Network and NFL Network. Highly organized, fast learner & great w/ multi-tasking projects. FT work desired (5/8)

SITUATION WANTED: EXEC ASST DEV/PRODUCTION/PR- LA and NY -TV experience in London, print, radio & advertising in NY. Highly organized, fast learner, & great connector. FT/PT/freelance. (5/6)

SITUATION WANTED:  EXECUTIVE ASSISTANT position film/TV (NY) 7 years experience: Interned for a President, Executive Assistant to SVP/VP/film director/celebrity (5/6)

SITUATION WANTED:  DIGITAL CONTENT WRITER/COPYWRITER: Bkgrd Radio, TV, Comedy, Quiz, Contests, Trivia. Photoshp, CMS, Exp. Seeks creative environment to work & thrive!  Freelance/PT only–  (5/6)

E-mail or call Trish Pihonak at 203.926.9878 for rates and specs for Job Openings.

Are you looking for a job? Post your Situation Wanted Ad here — Email for specs.


ABC:   The Middle [r], The Middle, Modern Family, Cougar Town, Happy Town
AZTECA: Laura de Todos, Al Extremo, La Loba
CBS:   New Adventures of Old Christine, Big Bang Theory [r], Criminal Minds, CSI:NY
CW:   America’s Next Top Model, Fly Girls, Fly Girls
FOX:   Lie to Me [r], American Idol
ION:  Ghost Whisperer, Ghost Whisperer, Criminal Minds
NBC:  Minute to Win It, Mercy, Law & Order: SVU
PBS:  Secrets of the Dead, Live from Lincoln Center, From the Top of Carnegie Hall
TELE: El Clon, Perro Amor, Donde Esta Elisa?
UNIV: Hasta que el Dinero Nos Separe, Don Francisco Presenta

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